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Required Procedure

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School and Course Selection

Find the right school and course that suits you

Our counselors will provide the necessary information, guidance and assistance in helping you find the right school and the right course that you desire. You would also be advised on the school’s requirements and what to expect.

Documents and admission

Prepare your documents, apply for admission.

You would be required to provide the necessary documents required for processing your application. Sequel to verification of your documents, we would proceed with your application.

Admission Offer

Receive and Accept Your Offer Letter

An offer letter would be sent to you by the university you have applied to, notifying you of your admission offer. You would be required to accept the offer and make payment or deposit for tuition to the University account.

VISA Application

Document submission for VISA processing

Our team of experts would help you review your documents to ensure that all documents submitted are in order and compliant with what is required to successfully obtain a VISA.

Relocation Plans

Make travel arrangements

You will need to start making plans to travel and study abroad. Things to consider, flight arrangements, accommodation booking and other arrangements as advised by your GSECS counselor.

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Welcome to the United Kingdom

We are always here for you every step of the way. Be sure to enjoy great support from our counselors to make your experience rewarding and fun-filled.

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